About Us

Pronunciation: [Heel-ler]
Motivation: [You]

HEALRE® represents a cohesive ecosystem all in itself...Healthy Eating And Living Right Everyday®.

This brand was started from an epiphany and a dream. A quest to be healthy and active is a MUST. Keep it simple, or go hard all day! The human body is made to move. The human body is an amazing machine. Keep it well oiled (good nutrition), and it will keep on going. Teach the body something new, and it will perform graciously...if you let it.

Healthy Eating. Explore the endless possibilities of the concept. Stick to the basics or redefine what the basics mean to you. Figure out what healthy foods make YOUR body shine, inside and out (literally). Research, read, review...then research some more!

At HEALRE®, the notion of Living Right should focus on your lifestyle and the effect it may have on your wellness journey. Living environment, work environment, sleeping environment, social environment, etc. They all play a role for the greater good of YOUR body. Assess your surroundings and attitude and see if there are obstacles that may be a hindrance. Often take time to listen to your body very carefully...it’s saying something you need to hear!

We would sincerely like for you to make this journey a long-lasting one. Take in all of your hard work and newfound knowledge to share with others. Make healthy eating and living right a part of YOUR lifestyle EVERYDAY!