Healre's Origin


From the founder...

"The roots of this brand actually stem back to when I was a sprinter on the high school track team. I simply love to be active.

Toward the end of my sophomore year, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I didn’t have just one curve in my spine…I had 3. There was one at the base of my neck, a prominent curve in the upper back and another curve at the base of my spine, just above the hip. I ended up getting surgery to correct it.

With the realigning of my spine, from the scoliosis surgery, it shifted my abdominal muscles, causing the lower to tear. There was no real clue of when this happened. I didn’t notice it until my college years (psst, Morgan State, Electrical Engineering major in case you were wondering).

After college, I had more surgery to repair the hernia. Again, I was totally unaware of other more holistic ways to repair the body. Three years after that, I noticed that a hernia had formed on the other side of my lower abdominal muscle. You guessed it…more surgery!

This time I’ve had enough. I was tired of being cut open.

Thus began my exploration and love for health and fitness all over again. Yes, all over again, but way more in depth. I eventually got back to sprinting. I also delved into weight training. My body transformed and my health and energy enhanced. With 3 surgeries, I had to protect and enrich my body as best as I could! With my love for creativity and exercise, the Healre® brand was born."

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Anthony Doy (CEO & designer)